Sunsail Portsmouth Regatta.

The start line. Filmed by our New pilot Jack Watts who has joined the Drone Team. Well done Jack lets hope we have a good summer with more flying opportunities👍.

Kairos II Leaving Mengham Rythe Sailing Club with Simon & Helen Ward in aid of the Autistic Society. Filmed by Jack Watts one of Blue Harbours budding new drone pilots. Nice shots Jack 👍😁

And I thought we had problems we seagulls with our drone !😂

Siberian tiger knocks drone from the in China
Tigers in China chase and knock a drone out of the sky, in a keep fit exercise.

One of or latest video we produced with The Escape for Bombay Sapphire. Go have a look there very nice on a sunny evening 😋

> > >

Proud to have produced the footage of the 90-metre Offshore Patrol Vessel HMS Forth Named last week on the Clyde.

Back at ORE Catapult in Blyth filming with the New Phantom 4 pro.

Think I need a New Phone ! New Sony ZX Premium with 940fps slo-mo Ohooo! Sorry just had a Geek Attack :)

Boleh Project Just finished interiors of Boleh. Great project and people looking forward to filming her with the Drone once the Spring arrives.