HMS Illustrious final departure Portsmouth


View from Mengham Rythe Sailing Club with a Lucky Yacht Jasper Westerly Konsort.

What did the Romans ever do for us photographers !

Roman Road, Halnaker

Ranting Saturday ! Aftrr looking at updating Mac equipment and seeing the replacement to my Macbook Pro ! Anyone else thinking of jumping ship?

The A Team van stops for a quick landscape.

Mixing business with pleasure is never easy but the A team van managed a quick landscape shoot on the way back to our base in the Isle of Skye.


Bombay Sapphire Video goes live

Well worth a visit. We had fun making the video, which we’re really pleased with. See what you think.

Rang Media House Toggl go’s live.

Trek Segafrado CA The first to go at the start of Giro d’Italia

Fantastic event for Trek Segafrado & CA Technologies. Stage 15 Castelrotto – Alpe di Siusi were very happy to cover video and stills for this weekends event on the gruelling 10.8KM climb. Rather them than me !

Weather watcher!

Now joined the BBC as a weather watcher seemed I might as well as Im finding it very useful when others are putting up images on places we need to be filming near.