Cheesy we know, but Blue Harbour really does provide a one-stop-shop for all you imagery needs. We can shoot it, edit it, use it and publish it. Which means we get what we need at each stage of the process and you get the savings and ease of dealing with just one supplier.


Additional Services

Printing and Design

Not wanting to sound touchy, but what really gets our creative goat is when we see fantastic imagery badly executed – either as framed prints or printed literature. Some printers and graphic designers can simply ruin our art. Which is not particularly good for you, the punter, either. That’s why we offer both a framing and a design service. Of course, if your own suppliers are good, then fine – we’ll be happy to work with them. But if not, talk to us and we can make sure our – sorry, your masterpieces get the treatment they deserve.

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Web Design

Want to show your lovely images and videos off to the widest possible audience? Want a better way to share videos? Fancy a website like ours? Unlike many web design companies, we start with the aspect that has the biggest impact on the visitor – the pictures. Our websites are built on easy-to-administer open-source systems that can adapt as your business changes, whilst our image and time lapse micro-sites can complement your existing website, adding additional functionality easily and cheaply.

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Inspection Services

Our drones offer more than just handy platforms for pretty pictures and videos. Because of the high definition downlink, they can let you reach the parts ladders and scaffolding cannot reach – at least easily. If you need to conduct a visual inspection of a high facility or structure, give us a call. We can also get cameras into areas where its simply not safe for personnel to be, such as ballistic ranges and chemically hazardous areas.

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